Basic provisions for the analytical calculation of vertical cylindrical containers



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cylindrical shell, displacements, corrugated wall, exponential law, deflection functions, stress state, vertical stiffeners, axisymmetric load, radial deflection


The basic provisions for the analytical calculation of vertical cylindrical capacities are provided in this article. The submitted data is the result of a global study accomplished by the authors in recent years. The simplified procedure of mathematical calculations, which is used in the formulation of these dependencies, can characterize the outlined aspects in line with the engineering method and be recommended for practical application. In the given research the problem of the influence of profiling of the wall of the vessel on the radial movements of the case under the action of axially asymmetric and asymmetric loading is analyzed. The basic calculation formulas are given for determination of internal forces (ring normal stresses, running bending moments and running transverse forces) and displacements of the no-gauge storage capacity under load, which is described by the exponential law characteristic of the pressure of the loose material. A brief description of the influence of vertical ribs on the rigidity characteristics of silo tanks, as well as the expressions for estimating longitudinal forces in the ribs at a certain altitude level is given. Particular attention is given to the calculation of cylindrical capacities under conditions of asymmetrical radial loading.

In this case, the problem is considered for two variants of the simplified procedure, in accordance with the instantaneous theory and a more precise analytical solution in applying the equilibrium equations of the moment theory, which allows taking into account the effect of internal bending moments in the sections. In both cases, the simplification of the computational procedure is accomplished by decomposing an asymmetric load into a finite trigonometric series and conducting a calculation for each component separately. The internal forces arising in the edges of the conical roofs from the action of the most probable loads own weight, weight of technological equipment, wind pressure and snow load are also calculated. In this case, only the simplest construction of the roof was considered, characteristic of small diameter containers, which consist exclusively of the main radial edges. The article provides the formulas for finding the internal forces in this element and the maximum compressive force and maximum bending moment in a dangerous section.

Біографії авторів

Oleksandr Lapenko, National Aviation University

Head of a Chair of Сomputer Technology Сonstruction

ScD, Prof.

Natalia Makhinko, National Aviation University

Assistant Professor of the Department of Сomputer Technology Сonstruction

PhD, Ass. Prof.


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Lapenko, O., & Makhinko, N. (2020). Basic provisions for the analytical calculation of vertical cylindrical containers. Підводні технології. Промислова та цивільна інженерія, (10), 50–57.



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